TA9 Site Dumper 9 Metric Ton 2017 | Terex

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Site Dumper


The next generation of Terex® site dumpers feature state-of-the-art engine technology to meet the latest emissions compliance. Delivering outstanding new levels of power, torque and economy, they offer increased performance for greater productivity and profitability. Terex® 9 metric ton site dumpers lead the market with greater skip carrying capacities and innovative machine technology. Together they increase efficiency and reduce cost of operation, whilst heavy duty design fabrications ensure strong resale values and lower cost of ownership.



  • Featuring a 55kW (74hp) electronically controlled, common rail, turbo-charged diesel engine 
  • Delivering an additional 13.3% of torque at low engine speed helps enhance productivity 
  • Up to an 8% reduction in fuel consumption for more cost efficient operation 
  • Enhanced transient response delivers fast acceleration at lower speed 
  • No requirement for specialist low ash engine oil for ease of maintenance 
  • Versatile fuel mapping with a de-tier calibration option for export into less regulated emission markets
  • Synchro-shuttle gearbox with 4 forward and 4 reverse speeds 
  • 'Interrupt' button on the gear stick replaces a clutch pedal for a more spacious operator area  
  • Soft shift forward/reverse directional lever for smooth directional changes 
  • Proven high strength components for exceptional reliability
  • Class leading skip capacities measured in litres (4,587 heaped/ 3,899 struck) 
  • First to market with Tier 4 Final compliant product with no aftertreatment and torque rated at 400Nm 
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions with a 90% reduction in particulate matter and 90% reduction in nitrogen oxides 
  • New automotive style dash display provides key machine performance data at a glance 
  • Large opening service doors for best in class access 
  • Available in forward or swing tip discharge configurations


DirectAssist App for iOS and Android Devices

Simplify and expedite servicing your IronDirect equipment with real-time, expert support wherever you are. DirectAssist allows you to directly access our Technical Service Specialists and receive remote assistance to help service your equipment; communicate one-on-one in real time with specialists via voice, video, and text chat; share photos, videos, and documents; and receive important updates through broadcast video communications and service announcements.

DirecTrac Telematics System

Our DirecTrac telematics system, built into every IronDirect machine, provides up-to-the-minute monitoring of location, movement, machine hours, fuel consumption, and more, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, expedite repairs, and maximize resale value.

QR Code Technology

Scan the QR code on any IronDirect machine to instantly access vital equipment data including a machine birth certificate featuring all main component model and serial numbers, an original quality assurance report for your specific machine, key specifications, a comprehensive machine walk-around video, and an IronDirect business model overview video.