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Backfill Tamper

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The Sullair MBT-6 Backfill Tamper Gives You All the Power for Compacting at a Speed Which Allows Comfortable Control

The Sullair MBT-6 backfill tamper is the ideal tool for compacting backfill around utility poles, foundations and other structures. It quickly and efficiently compacts backfill soil excavated to perform service line repair before patching the pavement.

A durable molded exhaust deflector aims the exhaust away from the operator.

Standard Steel 6” Butt A 6” diameter solid steel butt is standard. Optional butts for special applications are available.

The butt is held onto the piston rod with a hex head clamp screw for ease of assembly and removal. Smooth Finish Plated barrel promotes easy clean-off of backfill materials.

Minimal Lubrication Required With the design features and premium materials of the MBT-6, normal oil carryover from the compressor, combined with the moisture in the air, will supply sufficient lubrication under normal operating conditions.

No Packing Adjustment There is no packing adjustment necessary for the Sullair MBT-6. The double seals retain their effectiveness for the life of the packing.

One-Year Limited Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty A Sullair Air Tool, if used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. M Series tool are also warranted against loss of performance due to wear. This warranty does n