Investment Recovery



Like any asset, heavy construction equipment eventually reaches the end of its useful life. When you no longer need your IronDirect equipment, you can leverage our AssetZone® software and vast network of construction equipment buyers to redeploy it internally, resell it, or trade it in, turning the burden of surplus equipment into recovery to reinvest in your next machines.

Maximize Value Throughout Your
Equipment Lifecycle

Effective equipment management helps you contain costs and optimize use of resources. IronDirect's proprietary AssetZone software empowers you to track and manage your equipment throughout its lifecycle, maximizing value through strategic redeployment, sale, or trade-in.



AssetZone simplifies equipment redeployment, allowing you to easily identify redeployment opportunities within your organization, arrange shipping or pickup, and transfer ownership.


A suite of innovative support and service programs and technologies

When you're ready to sell your equipment, our e-commerce partner Liquidity Services will leverage its proven marketing and sales strategies – and nearly 3 million buyers registered on its online marketplaces – to ensure maximum recovery.


A safe way to buy, operate, and resell

High-volume trade-in packages generate recovery for your aging equipment while making room for new IronDirect machines. It doesn't get more efficient than that.