Engine Heater 3000 Watts Industrial Heavy Duty - 3/4" inlet | Universal Engine Heaters

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Engine Heaters
Industrial Heavy Duty Electric

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The Universal Engine Heater operates on the thermo-syphon principle of heating the coolant and circulating it through the entire motor block.

This offers a short warm up period with  immediate noticeable heat to the engine and coolant system.  This heat will also help to warm the oils that lubricate the working parts of your engine providing less wear and tear to these parts.

The Universal Engine Heater engine block heaters are known for their dependability and require little maintenance once installed.

With less than a 1% return rate, Universal Engine Heater stands by their products with a full one year warranty and a limited second year warranty under normal use.  

Universal believes in offering ONLY a QUALITY product to our customers.

Industrial Heavy Duty 120V-480V Heater with 3/4" inlet.  3000 Watts. Thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating.






1 Year Warranty Warranty is processed through Paladin, covers all normal warranty items, excluding ground engaging parts such as: sprockets, digging chains, bearings, teeth, tamping and demolition heads, blade cutting edges, pilot bits, auger teeth, auge