DV-20 Auger Drilling Drive 3" Hex Drive 22,500 ft-lbs of torque, 40 rpm max fits 12 - 23 ton Excavator | Pengo

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Auger Drive
Excavator Attachments
15 - 18 ton
18 - 23 ton
12 - 15 ton

The DV-20 is an excellent companion to the Pengo Excavator Auger line. This powerhouse is capable of drilling holes up to 20' deep and 6' in diameter in both rock and dirt.  The DV-20 is available for use on most excavators, ideally suited for excavators with operating weight between 12T - 23T

Hydraulic Motor Information:

Displacement 8.25 in3 (135cc
Motor Type Variable Speed, Bi-Directional
Motor Output Shaft 8/16" Spline 131
Motor Mount SAE-D 2 Bolt
Motor Parts Code 62 SAE Split Flange
Cross Over Pressure Relief None

Planetary Gearbox Information:

Gearbox Type Planetary Three Stage
Reduction Ratio 60.56:1
Output Shaft 3" Hex
Internal Oil Capacity 3.0 Gallons
Oil Type SAE 80W90 GL-5

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Manufacturer's Warranty, Gearbox: 24 months or 500 hours; Hyd Motor: 12 months or 250 hours.