Caterpillar 785C Rock Truck 2006 S#764(Reman)

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This is a 2006 Caterpillar 785C Rock Truck that has been totally remanned.  Frame hours on the machine is 40,840.  The rest of the machine is completely remanned and ready for recommission.


Pickup in Houston, TX


It has a Cat 3512B 1451 hp engine.

Empty operating weight of 225,000 lb

Loaded weight of 550,000 lb with a 300,000 rated payload.

Heaped capacity of 119 yd3 / Struck capacity of 96 yd3

Ground clearance of 3' 2"

Dump height 36' 10"


The engine, transmission, torque converter, differential, both rear final drives and brake groups as well as both front wheel and brake groups are all fully remanufactured.  This truck has been fully disassembled and remanned from the ground up. The tires average 75% good. This rock truck has approximately $500,000.00 in new parts cost on the component rebuild.


Replaced pistons and liners
Installed standard rod and main bearings
Magnafluxed crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods
Magnafluxed the heads
Rebuilt the heads using new valves, seats and guides
Rebuilt the turbo chargers using updated compressor wheels
Clean and tested all coolers
Installed a new after cooler where needed
Rebuilt and tested all the fuel injectors
Replaced the engine mounts as needed
Torque Converter
Replaced all bearings and seals
Replaced suction pump shafts as needed
Replaced the carrier rings as needed
Replaced all bearings and seals
Replaced clutch pack ring gears as needed
Replaced rotating planetary gears as needed
Replaced all the discs and plates
Replaced all bearings and seals
Both Rear Wheel Corner Groups (Brakes and Final Drives)
Replaced all bearings and seals
Replaced all the brake discs and plates
Both Front Wheel and Brake Groups
Replaced all bearings and seals

6 Month / 750 hour Powertrain Warranty