Carbide Tip Head Auger Bit 3.00" Hex Drive fits Excavator | Pengo

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Auger Bits

The Carbide Dirt Head Bit with 1" Thick Head Flighting and Angled Wisdom and Gauge teeth is perfect for drilling through dirt, sand and silt, clay and gravel.

Pengo’s Excavator Quick Change system is the perfect solution for turning your excavator into a dedicated drilling machine. Regardless of excavator brand or size our quick change system provides maximum flexibility and customization for a tailored made installation. Each system is a total package designed to match your excavator specifications. Featuring Revolution hydraulic drive heads, your choice between end of stick or quick connect mounting systems, multiple length flight bodies, and (3) separate drill head options, you can drill effectively in all soil conditions, from dirt to rock, both fracturable and non-fracturable.

Select your desired diameter and length of flight.  Flight extensions can be interchanged with different heads to optimize your drilling.

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