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Augers for every job

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Augers are an important part of construction and earth-moving, and IronDirect is proud to offer a variety of augers and auger bits for machines large and small, from excavators to mini skid steers.

We have chosen to offer McMillen auger drives and attachments at IronDirect because they’re known throughout the industry for making the best drives available, they are made in the USA and they have a great reputation for reliability and consistent quality. Depending on the toughness of the ground you’re boring into, there are varying types of bits available, from soft sand to tough, rocky soil.

Auger drives are available with universal skid steer mounts or various excavator and backhoe mounts such as dipper pendulum mounts, pin-on mounts, quick attach mounts or pin grabber mounts. Skid steer auger drives are available with round or hex bit connections, and IronDirect has bits available in diameters from 4” to 48” in lengths extending up to 6 feet. IronDirect also sells adapters to allow you to use your existing bits or drives with your new equipment, and extensions up to 6 feet long so you can extend the digging depth of your auger.

Regardless of your need for auger attachments, IronDirect is a one-stop shop that can meet your needs and get you a great deal as well. Click here to shop auger supplies for excavators or here to shop skid steer auger supplies.

Unlike many competitive augers that use chain driven gearboxes, McMillen augers use a planetary reduction system: the most efficient and durable drive system. Our most popular skid steer auger is the McMillen X1475: the perfect blend of high torque and speed for skid steers with auxiliary flow between 10 GPM (gallons per minute) and 25 GPM. For high torque needs we also offer shift-on-demand 2 speed auger drives.

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Pressure Washers Keep your Fleet Shining

When it comes to heavy equipment, keeping things clean is a never-ending process. Each job leads to more dust, grime, grease and oil that your machine is exposed to, and cleaning up is essential to the well-being and long life of your gear.IronDirect has just begun to sell one of the world’s best pressure washer brands: Easy-Kleen. Built with [...]

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Filtration Products for Longer Uptime

IronDirect is proud to be an authorized seller of Donaldson’s premium filtration products for your heavy-duty equipment and machinery. From oil to air and fuel and everything in-between, this is the place to get each of the filters, mufflers and cleaners you need for proper equipment maintenance. Donaldson famously invented the first engine air filter 100 years ago, and we’ve chosen [...]

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Excavator Buckets for Every Job

IronDirect is proud to offer a wide variety of excavator buckets for direct purchase on our site, and each comes with the IronDirect Fit Guarantee: give us the make, model and connection of your excavator, and we guarantee you get just the bucket you need for your job. We can build buckets for most types of quick couplers for hundreds [...]

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4 Skid Steer Attachments for Handling Snow

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​Bradco Brush Cutters for Effective Skid Steer Brush Removal

IronDirect is proud to offer Bradco’s line of brush cutters for skid steer loaders. Brush cutters are great for vegetation management, fire control, fence line maintenance and trail management in an effective, customizeable attachment. Available in cutting widths from 60” to 78”. Standard-duty cutters are good for medium-density brush and hardwoods up to 4” in diameter. Extreme-duty cutters will [...]

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Quick and Accurate Trenchers for Paladin Skid Steer

Now on sale from IronDirect: it’s the Bradco skid steer trencher line by Paladin. These trenchers are available with booms from 30” to 48” and include a side spoil auger so your trenches don’t backfill as you work. Compatible with skid steers and compact tractors, these Bradco trenchers can replace dedicated trenching machines at a fraction of the cost. Each [...]

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Bradco Rock Buckets Now Available from

Iron Direct is proud to introduce the Bradco Rock Bucket for Paladin skid steer and compact track loaders. Available in bucket widths from 66”-84” and with 2” or 3” tine spacing options to separate smaller material, these Rock Buckets allow removal of large debris, concrete and rock, allowing the dirt to sift through. Often used for debris removal from work [...]

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