Asset Management



Your equipment purchase is just the start of your relationship with IronDirect. We provide robust support across your entire equipment ownershiplifecycle from your initial two-year warranty to parts replacement to asset redeployment and disposition, helping you contain costs and optimize resources.

When you need to replace a part in your machine, we'll be there with convenient online ordering and expedited delivery plus an initial kit of replacements. When you need to service your equipment, our Service Your Way program will allow you to select your preferred support option. And when you're ready to redeploy, resell, or dispose of your machine, our proprietary AssetZone® software and investment recovery solutions will ensure you maximize value


Service Your Way

Service Your Way post-sale support allows you to choose from a variety of flexible service options. You may work with your preferred local dealer, select from one of our authorized service partners, or perform your own repairs under reimbursable warranty terms. Complementing these options are our containerized parts consignment and two-year/4,000 hour full machine warranty with 48-hour parts replacement.



Guaranteed After-Sales Support

When you purchase IronDirect equipment, you also purchase dependable, convenient parts support to minimize equipment downtime and maximize productivity. From 48-hour parts replacement to our DirectAssist app that connects you to master technicians, we provide a wide range of support features to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IronDirect equipment.


AssetZone® Software

Our AssetZone software maximizes utilization throughout your equipment's lifecycle by enabling strategic redeployment, sale, and trade-in. The proprietary software, a Software-as-a-Service solution used by many Fortune 1000 organizations, allows for more effective management of the entire equipment lifecycle across all of your machines and locations worldwide.